About Face It® – a mobile device repair and accessory store in Medford Oregon

Nick & Stephanie Heuertz, the owners of Face It®, have spent most of their lives in the Rogue Valley, both graduating from Crater High school in 1990 and now raising their family in the same beautiful area they grew up in.  Nick always had a hidden entrepreneurial desire with his first successful “business” designing and selling t-shirts when he was in High School.  Fast forward 8-years out of school and Nick becomes an  AT&T authorized dealer and opens a store he called Cellular Etc., back when phones were those bulky bricks you held up to your ear.  Cellular Etc. was one of the first stores to open in the newly constructed Blue Sky Plaza in Medford in 1998 with the Cat being their star mascot.  The years brought changes as AT&T sold their cellular department to Cingular and Cellular Etc., and the new corporate direction encouraged the dropping of their public name of Cellular Etc. and doing business under Cingular’s name.  A few years later, AT&T bought back their wireless department from Cingular and since Chat Cat had continued as their mascot, Cellular Etc. became known as Chat Cat Wireless to the public.  Chat Cat stores grew over the next 10 years to five locations (two in Medford, two in Grants Pass, and one in Phoenix).

Unfortunately, the birth of the iPhone followed by an economic downturn, saw a fifty percent drop in Chat Cat sales as Apple and AT&T maintained strict control over iPhone sales allowing only corporate owned Apple and AT&T stores to sell Apple products.  Chat Cat shut down its Phoenix store and one of the Grants Pass locations at that time in order to adjust to the change in business.   After three years of struggle, Apple and AT&T allowed independent dealers (now called retailers) to carry Apple products, but by then the damage in the form of lost customer base and a diminished margin for small businesses was done.  Since the Cat had branched out into other unique areas, such as having large accessory selections and more recent repair of broken devices, and the AT&T corporate model for independent retailers was changing, these differences no longer met the Corporate model and so, after 15 years of providing AT&T/Cingular Service, The Cat and AT&T amicably parted ways on July 1st 2013.

And so, as of July 2013 the Cat was on its own with an optimistic new business model which was the brainchild of a newly formed Husband and Wife team to the business.  Many big decisions were made with the first being the closure of the original location in the Blue Sky Plaza and the decision to provide accessories for most all phones on the market instead of the top 4 like most Big Box stores.  Mobile Device Repair became a major focus.  Select Chat Cat staff members were sent to the most celebrated mobile device repair training center, and quickly Chat Cat became the leading experts in the area using the latest in techniques and state of the art tools.  Chat Cat also brought on a national leading franchise in home movie transfer services (Home Video Studio), transferring old home movies/photos to archival DVDs done locally in their new on-site editing studio.  Lastly, this expansion idea culminated into the birth of “Face It®” store replacing the Medford Chat Cat location in August 2014.

The newly constructed Face It® store also brought with it a new focus on premium and unique accessories to the valley with new premium case lines like Element and Rokform Aluminum and Carbon-fiber cases, and much much more!  Most all of the cables and chargers we upgraded to 2.1+ Amps and a new line of Ventev cables and chargers offer a limited LIFETIME GUARANTEE!  Since we know you phone is important to your every day life, Face It®‘s new goal is SAME DAY SERVICE!

The new Face It® store has several surprise features like a green screen studio with all the latest technical equipment to allow for top notch web video production for the local businesses of the area as well as a Custom Case printing station where one can design or put photos directly on their own phone cases while they wait!

For those of you who may be mourning the death of the Chat Cat, worry not, for now at least, the Grants Pass location will maintain under that name and identity located in the Parkway Village next to Sears.  After all the years in the valley, Chat Cat is still locally owned and operated by Oregonians that were raised here in Oregon, and no matter the name changes they haven’t changed how they feel about keeping value and quality service as their top goals; always striving to take that to the next level.  We hope you share in our excitement of turning our lemons into Lemon Drops & encourage you to support Local Business!


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