The Face It Case Rating System

Face It in Medford, Oregon has developed an easy, four category rating system for protective cell phone cases.  This rating system is based on the opinions of the Face It management and based on over 15 years of experience in the industry.  The FICRS is an easy 1-6 (six being best) rating system for each of the four categories: Drop Protection, Slim Factor, Moisture/Dust Protection, and Screen Protection.

As you move up the scale with Drop Protection for your phone or mobile device you will usually find factors like dual or multiple layers, drop tested/certified, or even military tested cases.  Big padded corners is also a large factor in keeping your phone or mobile device safe when dropped.  Corner impact is often the source of a broken or cracked screen, glass or LCD.

The Slim Factor is pretty self explanatory.  Often the bulkier the more protective, so phone case manufacturers are always doing their research to find the most rugged phone case materials that don’t add too much bulk.  Often those materials are the most costly, so expect to see a heftier price tag on a phone that provides the best protection while maintaining a good Slim Factor.

Moisture and Dust Protection for your phone or mobile device are mostly provided by port covers.  Many cases do not provide port covers.  And, only a select few actually have dust screens over the mics and speakers.  Of course, the “water proof cases” are at the top of the chart in this category.  But, you do have to be made aware that often people report diminished sound volume and quality when using a water proof case.  This is to be expected since the microphones and speakers have to be covered with some kind of material to provide water proofing.

Screen Protection (against scratching) is provided in two ways.  One is the case having a raised bevel to keep your phone from touching any surfaces when put face down on something.  But, to gain a higher rating in this category the phone or mobile device case must come with a screen protector of some kind.  We give most standard stick on screen protectors a higher rating than just having a beveled edge, but in order to gain the higher ratings the case must come with a built in screen protector.  Be warned that built in screen protectors are often reported to diminish the touch responsiveness with some phone and mobile device cases.   Although we do find some brands to be better than others (Trident seems to be one of the best brands for built in screen protectors).  But, we reserve the top rating in this category for teaming your case with the best in screen protection…a ZNitro Tempered Glass Screen Protector.  These can be paired with most any case and provide the best protection available in our opinion.

The FICRS is based solely on our Mobile Device Expert opinions, research and experiences here at Face It in Medford, Oregon.

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