Your guide to iPhone repair in Medford, Oregon

What are my options with a broken iPhone?

  1. Fix my iPhone myself – if you are good with electronics you might want to attempt a repair on your own. Be warned that we see many iPhones come in to us in a baggie.  The reason is that there are many small parts and different sized screws in an iPhone, so people often have a hard time reassembling their phone once they have it apart.  “Baggie iPhones” have about a fifty fifty chance of ever turning on again.  If a cable is ripped off the board, or the board has suffered other damage, those repairs are usually either impossible or cost prohibitive.  Also, be careful choosing your parts.  There are many cheap parts out there, but Face It has used its over fifteen years in the wireless industry to find the best suppliers, and bring quality iPhone parts here to Medford, Oregon, along with quality, professional installation.
  2. Warranty – most warranties do not cover physical or liquid damage. But, if your phone just stopped working you might want to check with your phone manufacturer, or your service carrier, to see if your phone is covered under warranty.  iPhone warranties are generally one year form purchase date, unless you have purchased an extended iPhone warranty or insurance.
  3. Insurance – if you have insurance on your phone, you may want to check into the deductible on your particular model to get it replaced. One disadvantage of a replacement phone is that you will lose your photos and contacts unless you arrange a way to have them transferred to your replacement phone.  You also may want to ask if you are getting a new or refurbished phone as a replacement.  Often you may get a refurbished iPhone as your replacement.
  4. Mail your iPhone off for repair – there are repair centers that take phones from out of area, but with so many local iPhone repair shops in the Medford/Jackson County area these days, I don’t know why one would opt to mail their phone off.  If you find a great deal online, you might weigh it against the time and effort of mailing your phone off, waiting for its return, and dealing with the extra risk involved.
  5. Upgrade – many carriers offer a discounted price on your iPhone (sometimes free) for signing up (or resigning up – upgrade/renewal) for their services.  Usually you are eligible for these promotions as a new customer, or after 12-24 months after your last new phone.  Many carriers are slowly getting away from the “upgrade/renewal” option,” and offering a financing plan of sorts, in which the customer pays nothing up front, but pays the full price of the iPhone in the way of an extra monthly payment on their monthly service bill until the iPhone is paid off.
  6. Purchase a new phone out right with no contract extension – you also have the option of paying full price of the phone upfront, but this can lead to sticker shock, as most new smart phones these days start at hundreds of dollars and go up to One Thousand Dollars, or more.
  7. Purchase a used or Refurbished phone out right with no contract extension or financing – Face It in Medford, Oregon offers Refurbished, like-new quality, iPhones for less than the cost of purchasing a new phone outright, so if you are not interested in renewing, are not eligible, or are on a prepaid account, you might consider a refurbished phone as a money savings option.
  8. Local repair Center – Face It is a state of the art repair center for iPhones and most all phones, tablets, iPads, e-readers, and mobile devices. Having your iPhone repaired at a local iPhone Repair Center, like Face It, is a good option if you want your phone back quickly and don’t want to lose your phone’s contacts, photos and videos.  In most cases repairs can be same day, and the iPhones contacts and media contacts can be saved.


Items that can generally be fixed on an iPhone locally, by Face It, in Medford, Oregon:

Charge Ports

Menu Buttons

Volume Buttons

Power Buttons




Liquid damage


iPhone Models that can be repaired by Face it in Medford, Oregon:

iPhone 3/3GS

iPhone 4/4S

iPhone 5/5c/5s

iPhone 6/6 Plus

iPhone 6s/6s Plus

iPhone 7/7 Plus

iPad 1/2/3/4

iPad Air 1/2/3

iPad Mini 1/2/3

Most HTC phone models

Most Huawei phone models

LG G/G2/G3/G4/G5

Most Nokia phone models

Samsung Galaxy S1/S2/S3/S4/S5/S6/S7

Samsung Edges/Notes & Most other Samsung phone models

Samsung Galaxy Note/Tab & Most other Samsung Tablets

Sony Ericsson phone models

Most ZTE phone models

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