Samsung Galaxy s8 and s8 Plus | Case and Glass Screen Protector Options | Medford, Oregon

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus cases and screen protector options can be confusing.
The nature of its curved screen edges makes the perfect solution elusive.

Full coverage Tempered glass screen protectors have a hard time sticking to curved screens, and the S8 phones are no different. If a person can get one to stick, most cases seem to make them pop right off. A Screen Protector without a case does not offer complete drop protection. Often a phone will fall on it’s corners and break the glass from the impact. So, we recommend a case in conjunction with a good screen protector.

There are cheap plastic screen protectors on the market, but they provide little protection against breakage, only some protection against scratches. And, they are near to impossible to apply without some air or dust bubbles.

We do not recommend the new Liquid Nano Screen Protector product on the market. Although it sounds like a tempting option, nowhere does the product say that it adds strength to your phone screen, or any help against breaking your screen. The untested technology simply says that it protects against scratches. We worry what it will do to the exposed speakers and microphones one the front of the phone as well. Some stores are charging up to fifty dollars for this unproven product.
Face It Wireless, in Medford Oregon, has found two viable options.

The first option is a High Impact resistant, Bubble Free plastic Screen Protector by Pure Gear. We recommend those in conjunction with a good protective case (like Otterbox, Portfolio or Wallet) style. We will install your screen protector at no additional cost with your purchase.

The second option is a partial coverage Tempered Glass Screen Protector in combination with a good protection (like Otterbox, Portfolio or Wallet) style case. Installation is included and the glass feel mimics the feel on the actual glass screen. It does not curve all the way to the edge of the screen, but seems to be quite protective in conjunction with a good case, and offer anti-fingerprint coating.

Face It offers the largest selection of cases for your phone. From Otterbox, Incipio, Casemate, Lifeproof (water proof phone case), Spigen, Spec, to wallet and portfolio cases, all in stock.

Face It Wireless offers the largest selection of cases for your Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus phones. You can try on quality cases until you find the one that is right with you, and more importantly we have found the best option for curved phone screen protection.

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