7 Quick Tips for Taking Photos using your Phone’s Camera


Pay attention to Lighting – too little light will lead to a bad photo…period. But, avoid direct sunlight. Try to find the brightest area without a glare.

Get close to your subject – Getting close to your subject will allow for the best possible quality when using a camera phone, and also eliminate distracting backgrounds.

Avoid Zooming – again, getting physically close to your subject is the best way to get a quality photo from your phone camera. If you cannot get close enough to your subject to get the photo you would like, consider cropping the photo afterwards.

Try a camera App – Camera apps (many are free) will give you more options and freedom than the software that comes with your phone (especially true with iPhones).

Avoid using your Flash – Many Phone Camera Flashes are not actual “flashes” like what you would find in a stand alone camera and will not always produce the best picture quality.

Keep your lens clean – Clean with a micro fiber cloth and non-abrasive cleaner if available.

Stabilize your phone/camera – The best technique is usually to hold the phone with both hands and stabilize the phone up against your body or a wall. Of course a tripod is always a top choice.

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