Flip/Bar and Messaging Phone Repair right here in Medford, Oregon

At face it® we realize that not everybody wants or needs a Smart Phone.  We have years of experience in the wireless industry, and we do not shy away from the “older” style phones.  Repairs start at $50.  Call, visit or email to receive a quote on your specific phone model repair.

Flip/Bar & Messaging Phone Repair Quote

  • Examples: Apple, Blackberry, Blu, Huawei, LG, Maxwest, Motorola, NEC, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, ZTE, etc..
  • Examples: iPhone 5, Galaxy S IV, etc..
  • This can sometimes be found either on the back of your device, underneath the battery, and/or in the "About Device" section in the Menu/Settings of the device. The Model Name is less helpful than the Model Number, as some devices share model names, but have different Model Numbers, and sometimes do not share the same part. The Model Number is usually a combination of letters and numbers. Examples: MD642, SM-G900A
  • Whether your device is active on a network or not, it is helpful for us to identify the part you need, to know the carrier the device was manufactured for.

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