Microphones, Speakers, Power buttons, & Charging Port Replacements

Microphones, Speakers, buttons and charge ports often fail in electronic devices.  Face It® replaces the smaller parts with the same care they take in replacement screens.  These smaller repairs start at just $60 parts and labor, and carry the same 90 day warranty as our other repairs.  Same day service is our goal!

Call, visit or email today to check availability and price of the part that you need to get your electronic life back on track.

Microphone, Speaker, Power button, & Charging Port Repair Quote

  • Examples: Apple, Blackberry, Blu, Huawei, LG, Maxwest, Motorola, NEC, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, ZTE, etc..
  • Examples: iPhone 5, Galaxy S IV, etc..
  • This can sometimes be found either on the back of your device, underneath the battery, and/or in the "About Device" section in the Menu/Settings of the device. The Model Name is less helpful than the Model Number, as some devices share model names, but have different Model Numbers, and sometimes do not share the same part. The Model Number is usually a combination of letters and numbers. Examples: MD642, SM-G900A
  • Whether your device is active on a network or not, it is helpful for us to identify the part you need, to know the carrier the device was manufactured for.

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