Phone, or other Mobile Device, Liquid/Water Damage Repair

face it® prides itself  in an approximately 85% success rate for electronic devices that have exposure to liquid…from pools, to coffee, to soda, to ocean, lakes, rivers, toilets and worse!  Oh yes, and worse!

What to do if my phone or other mobile device fell in water or other liquid:

  1. Dry with a towel.
  2. Remove your battery door and battery (if they are removable on your particular mobile device)
  3. If the battery is not removable, simply turn your device off
  4. Dry with a towel
  5. Leave your phone off with the battery and battery door removed to air dry to the best of its ability.
  6. Wrap in a dry towel, and get your device to a mobile device repair center like face it® in Medford, Oregon ASAP! The sooner you get your device to a certified repair center, the higher the chances are that you will see your device come to life again!

What not to do if your phone or other device has been exposed to water or other liquid:

  1. Do not attempt to turn your phone or device on. Turning it on could cause a short which can cause further, and possible irreversible, damage to the phones electronic components and/or to the board itself!
  2. Do not blow dry with any kind of heater or hair dryer. The heat can cause further damage, and will not likely reach the inside of the device which needs to be dried the most.
  3. Do not put the device in rice. Rice is good with beans, but it won’t dry your phone on the inside.  And, besides not helping, the rice often gets stuck inside the ports on the phone causing further problems with your phones operation.
  4. Do not wait. Your device may seem dry on the outside, but there is almost no way you can get the phone completely dry on the inside without completely disassembling your device.
  5. We do not advise disassembling your device on your own. There are many small parts that can be lost or broken if the phone is taken apart incorrectly.  Technicians like ours at face it® have training and experience in the best techniques for water or other liquid damaged iPhones, Samsung Galaxy phones, or other cellular phone or mobile electronic devices.

The Water, or other Liquid Damage, Treatment Process:

  1. The phone or device is almost completely disassembled.
  2. The phone or device is scrubbed clean internally of any corrosion inside the phone using special tools and cleaning solutions.
  3. The phone or device is thoroughly dried without the use of excessive heat.
  4. The pone or devise is reassembled and tested.


The two main dangers of water or liquid exposure to your  phone or mobile device:

  1. The obvious: Liquid and electricity do not go well together.  The immediate risk is a short to your LCD, camera, etc….or even your board itself…we can most likely replace your camera or LCD, but board damage is often irreversible.  Although your device may seem dry, but it can remain wet on the inside for much longer than one might think.  The liquid is sealed inside the device keeping it from evaporating or draining away.
  2. The hidden risk:   Corrosion is like a mold that grows over time inside your device.  Your device may be completely dry inside at some point, but corrosion will still grow, and can cause damage to your devices parts as well as irreversible board damage.  So, your device may be working well now, only to have problems later.

Water or other Liquid damage Phone or other Mobile Device Treatment Pricing:

  1. Basic Liquid Damage Treatments for most small devices and phones runs $50 to start. If the device or phone needs further work and/or replacements parts our certified technicians will call you with a quote before moving forward.
  2. Advanced Treatments start at $75. iPhone 5/5s/5c/6/6+ are all advanced water or liquid damage treatments since there is an internal plate that needs to be removed for best chances of success and long term smooth operation.   Our certified technicians need to get under that plate to completely dry the inside of the device and clean away any corrosion.  This plate removal is an advanced repair and requires extra time and expertise.  Many Mobile Device Repair centers do not go this extra step.  Tablets are another example of an Advanced Treatment.


How long does a Water or other Liquid Damage Treatment take?  Good question!

The process takes 24 hours (since thorough drying while the device is open is key to success).  We aim for next day service on these treatments.  Actual time may vary depending on how many other repairs are ahead of yours.  We can give you an estimate at the time of bringing your device in for treatment.  Or, you can call ahead for a time estimate.

Phone, or other Mobile Device, Water or Liquid Damage Treatment Guarantee & Warranty: 

On most phone or mobile device repairs face it® backs their work and parts up with a 90 day warranty, but on Water or other Liquid Damage Repairs we want to be very upfront in saying that there is no guarantee that your device will turn on again or operate at 100% functionality.  Although we have an approximate 85% success rate, there are no refunds on liquid damage repairs, and there is no guarantee that the phone will not experience related issues down the road.  Although, we have the state of the art tools, training and procedures, there is always a chance that a hidden bit of corrosion grows and causes issues in the future.

Your Mobile Electronic Device Manufacturer Warranty:

Opening your phone for a Liquid Damage treatment will void your devices manufacture warranty.  But, it is important to note that exposing your phone to liquid will have already voided your manufacture warranty.

Getting your contacts, photos and videos out of your Water, or other Liquid Damaged Phone or Device:

The phone or device will almost always have to turn on and have a usable LCD/screen to enter settings that will allow us to extract your data.  So, repairing the device is the first step.  If the phone will turn on and is operational, and your devices content are your top priority you can risk further damage to the device by turning it on and retrieving (or having face it® retrieve) your content for you before we do the repair since there is always a chance that the device will not turn on again in the future.   Since you are risking further damage to the device by turning it on, this is a judgment call that only you can make.  face it® can extract your devices content starting at $20.

How to protect your phone, or other device, from water or other Liquid exposure/damage:

Protective Cases with Water Resistance or Water Proofing are your best bets to protect your favorite phone or tablet from liquid damage:

  1. Trident Cyclops and Kraken cases meet MILITARY SPEC MIL-STD-810F for rain/wind (up to 7.9 inches/hr of rain at 40 mph winds for 1 hr), drop, vibration, dust and sand.  These cases will give you some general protection against everyday moisture exposure like rain and shower mist.  These are what we at face it® refer to as “water resistant cases.”
  2. For “water proof” cases…Lifeproof cases are IP-68, which is the international standard for water and dust ingress protection. IP stands for Ingress Protection. 6 is the highest rating for solid particles. 8 is the highest rating for liquids. IP-68 rated enclosures can withstand circulating talcum powder for 8 hours, and water immersion to 2m for 1 hour.

e-mail, call or visit our certified Liquid Damage Repair Technicians today!…contact information can be found at the bottom left of this page….


Mobile Device Liquid Damage Repair Quote

  • Examples: Apple, Blackberry, Blu, Huawei, LG, Maxwest, Motorola, NEC, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, ZTE, etc..
  • Examples: iPhone 5, Galaxy S IV, etc..
  • This can sometimes be found either on the back of your device, underneath the battery, and/or in the "About Device" section in the Menu/Settings of the device. The Model Name is less helpful than the Model Number, as some devices share model names, but have different Model Numbers, and sometimes do not share the same part. The Model Number is usually a combination of letters and numbers. Examples: MD642, SM-G900A
  • Whether your device is active on a network or not, it is helpful for us to identify the part you need, to know the carrier the device was manufactured for.

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