Ballistic Protective Cases

Ballistic Protective Cases

Face It chooses Ballistic cases for their use of materials with just the right balance of durable “hardness” and an ergonomic feel in the hand. 

Face It generally stocks and recommends the following Ballistic Case models (Rated 1-6, 6 being the Best):

ASPIRA/URBANITE is a one piece, dual layer, relatively slim protective phone case for those who want protection and a slim profile.  These cases are a relatively flexible material that provides a nice feel in the hand, and are six foot “drop test certified” to boot.  It’s raised edges help to protect the screen, but does not come with any screen protector or port covers.

Face It Case Rating System (1-6) for Ballistic Aspira/Urbanite cases: 

Drop Protection – 3 | Slim Factor – 4 | Moisture/Dust Protection – 1 | Screen Protection – 1

TOUGH JACKET is a one piece, multi-layered protective phone case adding one more layer of protection, and is also six foot “drop test certified.”  It has similar features to the Aspira/Urbanite with just a bit more protection and bulk.

Face It Case Rating System (1-6) for Ballistic Tough Jacket cases: 

Drop Protection – 4 | Slim Factor – 3 | Moisture/Dust Protection – 1 | Screen Protection – 1

TOUGH JACKET MAXX adds even more protection with holster and belt clip, port covers, stick-on screen protector included, and seven foot “drop test certification.”

Face It Case Rating System (1-6) for Ballistic Tough Jacket Maxx cases: 

Drop Protection – 5 | Slim Factor – 2 | Moisture/Dust Protection – 4 | Screen Protection – 3

 Call, e-mail, message or visit your Mobile Device Expert at Face It in Medford, Oregon today to find out if your iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or other phone model is available in your favorite Ballistic case version….