Beyond Cell

Beyond Cell

Face It chooses Beyond Cell cases for their protective cases at reasonable prices, and their selection of hard to find cases for the less common phone models. 

Face It generally stocks and recommends the following Beyond Cell Case models (Rated 1-6, 6 being the Best):

SHELL HYBER is a two piece case that contains a silicone wrap to absorb shock and drop and a hard plastic outer shell. It’s hard plastic outer shell protects the edges from damage. It does not have a screen protector or port covers. It does include a kickstand.

Face It Case Rating System (1-6) for Beyond Cell Shell Hyber cases: 

Drop Protection – 3 | Slim Factor – 3 | Moisture/Dust Protection – 1 | Screen Protection – 1

TRI SHIELD is a three piece case that contains a silicone wrap to absorb shock and drop, a polycarbonate plastic shell for maximum protection, and a stick on screen protector to protect the screen against scratches. It’s outer polycarbonate plastic shell helps to protect the screen and edges from damage, and port covers protect from dust and moisture. It also includes a built in kickstand. 

Face It Case Rating System (1-6) for Beyond Cell Tri Shield cases: 

Drop Protection – 4 | Slim Factor – 2 | Moisture/Dust Protection – 5 | Screen Protection – 3

 Call, e-mail, message or visit your Mobile Device Expert at Face It in Medford, Oregon today to find out if your iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or other phone model is available in your favorite Beyond Cell case version….