Case-Mate premium designer protective cases

Case-Mate premium designer protective cases

Face It chooses Case-Mate cases for their slim protective cases with the latest fashion designs.

Face It generally stocks and recommends the following Case-Mate Case models (Rated 1-6, 6 being the Best):

TOUGH AIR, NAKED TOUGH, and GLAM Case-Mate Cases are dual-layer, slim, designer protective cases. Have ultra slim profiles, anti-scratch technology, and metal button accents. The protective bumpers protect the edges from damage. They are impact and shock resistant, but they do not have a screen protector included.  Face it recommends zNitro Hammer Tested Glass screen protectors in conjunction with these slim cases. 

Face It Case Rating System (1-6) for Case-Mate Tough Air, Naked Tough, and Glam cases: 

Drop Protection – 4 | Slim Factor – 5 | Moisture/Dust Protection – 1 | Screen Protection – 1

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