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Great Service!

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Iphone 7 plus broken screen

Great customer service and FAST service too! My iPhone had a broken screen and it was fixed 1 hour before they said it would be. Would highly recommend!

Angela Street


I went to US Cellular with my mom due to battery issues, the rep at US Cellular said nothing was showing up wrong with the battery. She recommended Face It® however to purchase a new battery(confusing I know, since there was “nothing” wrong with it). We decided to go ahead and check out this store that I had never heard of. As soon as we walked in we were greeted and asked if we needed help. I did not catch the name of the lady that helped us, but she was awesome. She easily could have just sold us the battery and went about her day, but she took the time to explain why there was in fact something wrong with the battery. She answered all of our questions and then some. No pushy upselling or trying to rush us out of the store. I would definitely recommend doing business at this store and plan to continue shopping there myself

Great service and a great price!

I recently purchased a new tablet that has only been around for about a week and couldn’t find any cases or screen protectors that would fit it at the store where I purchased my tablet so I asked around and one of the customer service reps suggested Face It may have what I was looking for so after I pulled out my phone and found Face It’s location I was on my way. As soon as I walked through the door I was greeted by Nick who understood exactly what I was looking for, where I could find it, and suggested several case options I may like, the whole process since entering, purchasing, and leaving only took about ten minutes and I left completely satisfied. I wish this were the case with everywhere I shopped!

David Micheal Dooloukas II

Face It in Medford, Oregon Customer Review by Sandra Doss

I can’t say enough about Face It in Medford, Oregon.
They are very helpful and know their products well.
I am a returning customer!

Great Service

I love Face It!! Everytime I go in there everyone is really nice, very helpful and I always get what I want.

Great professional and quick service

Great professional and quick service on my iphone screen repair.

Kristina Scheuneman

Face It® – Cellular Phone & Tablet Repair & Accessories in Medford, Oregon – Customer Review : Great business

The girls are friendly and helpful. Meadow and Carissa are knowledgeable and provide the most up to date help and services.

Truly appreciate the expertise

Nick and Carissa solved all my problems and did an excellent job explaining my situation completely.

Great experience buying a used phone

I bought a used Galaxy S5 to replace my wife’s broken S4. The phone was in fantastic shape, no scratches on the screen. It’s a huge improvement over her S4 in speed and screen clarity. I like that Face It has a diverse supply of high quality phones in stock. I won’t pay obscene amounts of money for new flagship phones so I’m stuck comparing refurbished phones from Page Plus and Verizon and local used stores. I’ve been nervous about using an unknown Amazon store for electronics, I’ve read enough bad reviews for them that I like buying local. I feel like I can trust Face It, especially with a 90 day warranty.

Roy Quackenbush

My man!

I had a great experience during my first visit at Face It. I got a great case for my new phone and Akasha was very knowledgable, professional, and genuine. 10/10


Great store. Excellent technicians .Polite

Great store. Excellent technicians .
Polite , prompt and resonance .
Thx .

Zach Barnea


The sales clerk was very helpful and went out of her way to make sure i got what i needed

Face It leader in its class

What a great store. They are on top of their game. Excellent customer service. If you need anything for your cell phone you should head right down to Face It. You will be glad you did.

Barry Katz

Is was my first time

Is was my first time visiting, and the associat us very nice and helpful and they had a good selection of cases

Samsung s7

Awesome service!

First time in and the staff was very patient with me as I tried multiple cases on my phone. Will definitely be back!

Chris Barton


I had broken the screen on my work phone shortly after getting it, I called Carissa and she was able to help me right away – I live out of the area, but she saved the piece I needed for the next day. She was very friendly and very helpful. My phone was fixed within a two hour window, and I was on my way. I also bought a case for the phone, and she was very helpful and knowledgeable about protecting my phone from any further damage. I would recommend this store to anyone who has a problem with their phone!

Went to Face It today

Went to Face It today to see if my iPhone 6+ could be fixed and Akasha fixed my phone and it now works perfect, thought it was beyond repair, but he did an excellent job and it didn’t cost much, and didn’t take long only about 20 min. I am sooooo Happy, Thank You face it and Akasha.
Emma J knight

Emma Jean Knight

Very kind n patient n helpful

Carissa n Nick were extremely helpful n kind and patiently explained my situation so I could understand. I’ll be back n will also share with friends n family.


My husband and myself went into Face It and found exactly what we needed. The customer service was so very helpful with all of our needs. Recommended them to all our friends and family!

Pam Corliss

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